We are a collaborative cluster for transfer of life science projects, open innovation, technology and business.

Among the pillars for the creation of this project, we highlight the concept of cluster, aligning business ecosystems, in order to maximize processes enabling the result of research technology transfer and connecting science with business between Canada, South America, Europe and US.

Our structure is to facilitate knowledge transfer and provide technology solutions from the research centers and exchanges with governments and companies to provide economic development on regions, countries and improving the quality of life to local population.


Research and propagate knowledge on networked economy, projects in life science and technology transfer areas, by collaboration and open innovation.


We understand that any content collaborative activity  will raise the level of success and learning from our customers when they interact with our services.


Digital Economy:

Our projects are based on the connectivity, cybersecurity and video collaboration.

In this context, they refer to the organizational management of scientific knowledge and transfer of projects.

However  its a new way of working, an attitude and a relationship through the shared network, global way of thinking, furthermore to promote the development of innovative projects through the use of AI and Digital Information and Communication Technologies.